I want to send health to
many people.

A healthy dish using organic vegetables and the pesticide-free rice which
"Plum house of the healthy dining room plum"
in the place approximately 5 minutes on foot from Komaki Station of Aichi,
Komaki-shi is a hometown of Komaki, and were brought up is a recommended shop.
The mild dish which the storekeeper with the qualification of the food education adviser cooks carefully has good balance and can
enjoy it from a small child to elderly in the wide generation.
As there is the shop where an easy atmosphere of the grain of wood is settled down to to a seat at a table and a room, a counter seat,
you are alone and can use it for various scenes including the banquets from a one drink,
a small number of people of the meal in families of a child people and
the work return to a great number of people let alone a lunch.


The healthy menu which Komaki-shi where "Plum house"
is the Nagoya cochin birthplace authorizes.
I started in 2006 in order to publicize delicious
local ingredients of Komaki widely.
It is a menu of the Komaki-shi authorization.

Nagoya Cochin  Project  Certified Menu

alt grows on a plum low dining table healthy to a steaming chicken
850yen(includ TAX)

Six healthy points


Steamed vegetables
I can enjoy vegetables original sweetness by steaming 11 kinds of local Komaki-centered vegetables from prefecture with an oven. I get vegetables of necessary 4/5 per day!
Steamed chicken (Nagoya Cochin)
The seasoning uses homemade salt malted rice.
Taste improves and becomes low salt.
Pumpkin salad
I use "vinegar" in substitution for salt to use by seasoning. Though it is made sodium restriction, salt is felt more one using the vinegar.
Miso soup
I reduced juice and stewed a lot of ingredients such as vegetables. It is healthy and eats and dies out and is outstanding.
Plum sauce
Hit steaming vegetables, the sauce of the steaming chicken and can adjust quantity by yourself as it is who.
The seasonings such as miso, salt malted rice, the ume flesh source are homemade.



Today all the family members

Let alone usual dinner, please use it on a special day including the celebration on the birthday of the child and the memorial day of the family, the sixtieth birthday of grandfather. I ask about hope, and a favorite menu can prepare for the full course cooking.

Hikizuri nabe

Taste of the soup stock appearing from a Nagoya cochin of the chicken worth and the body is firm eating soaks into the vegetables such as a burdock and a leek, the carrot steadily. It becomes the course dish-limited menu.

What's Hikizuri nabe?

The local gourmet "Hikizuri nabe" of Komaki is the pan which is delicious so that it is said that it was named by meanings such as "the taste that is dragged so as to want to eat it once again" that sukiyaki-like, finished the Nagoya cochin of local ingredients.


Healthy packed lunch for which the body

The lunch is healthy, too, and the Plum house is excellent at nourishment balance. As you prepare in takeout, please use it in the meeting of the everyday lunch and company, the school events of the child, various scenes including the meeting of the neighborhood association. As you give an allergic response, please feel free to consult me. I heard the plural orders if you can make a reservation beforehand. Please feel free to contact us.


Efforts of Plazme Houses

What is a child eatery?

The child who could not have a satisfactory meal for various reasons knew that were, and I could not do something in oneself, or it thought, and it started this "Komaki child dining room" from thought that even a small thing wrestled together and wanted to do the child that there was many it for a smile that it was possible for each one. In a shop of "Plum house", I enjoy hot delicious rice together, and the child has you participate in adult in preparation for the dinner party, too, and it is in a place of exchange of the whole area. Please participate in "Plum house" and "child dining room" which "Mogu mogu club ".



Store name
Plum house of the healthy dining room plum
〒 485-0041 4-116, Komaki, Komaki-shi, Aichi
It is approximately 5 minutes on foot from Meitetsu Komaki Station
(smooth when you can inform that you saw a homepage.)
Business hours
Morning /9:00 - 11:00 (L.O.10:30)
Lunch /11:00 - 15:00 (L.O.14:30)
Night /17:00 - 21:00 (L.O.20:30)
Regular holiday
On Sunday

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Various how to use is possible by the room where I can attach reservations and the partition to 60 people to, a number of people state and the scene including the seat at a table. Please feel free to contact a reservation or an inquiry.